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Immersed in the Floral Universe of "Art in Bloom DC" at Anderson House, Washington DC.

Last Sunday, we ventured into a unique artistic and floral universe at the "Art in Bloom DC" exhibition at Anderson House. This house, with its incredibly French decor and hosting some of the most sumptuous weddings in Washington DC, provided the backdrop for a collection of floral arrangements that captivated all our senses.

Front of the Anderson House in Washington DC during Art in Bloom DC.
1/12 - The Anderson House

Floral design over the entrance door of the Anderson House, Washington DC
2/12 - Floral design over the entrance door

Upon entering Anderson House, we were enchanted by the elegance and charm of this historical building, combined with floral compositions that were sometimes modern, sometimes classical, but always "très chic".

Ceiling and mural painting in the Anderson House
3/12 - French decoration

People visiting the Art in Bloom DC in the Anderson House
4/12 - Many visitors in this stunning decoration.

Large bouquet under an old painting
5/12 - Bouquet matching the decoration

We were transported into a world where art and nature harmoniously intertwined, and for once, unlike the weddings that are our daily routine, we had all the time to appreciate these ephemeral works of art.

modern bouquet
6/12 - Modern bouquet

The "Art in Bloom DC" exhibition brilliantly merged art and floral design in an incredibly elegant setting, offering visitors an unforgettable experience. The floral arrangements, inspired by the artworks and architecture of Anderson House, were a true ode to the creativity and talent of Washington DC's floral designers.

We had the pleasure of strolling at our own pace through the "maison", discovering astonishing floral interpretations of paintings, furniture, and architectural details. Each arrangement was a work of art in itself, reflecting the ingenuity and inspiration of the creators.

Bouquet matching with painting and furniture
7/12 - floral interpretations of paintings, furniture, and architectural details

The exhibition was not limited to floral arrangements in the rooms. We also had special access to the garden, usually closed to the public, adding a touch of magic to this exhibition.

Floral design next to a statue
8/12 - Outside floral design

"Art in Bloom DC" at Anderson House was much more than a simple exhibition. It was a celebration of art, nature, and creativity, all in a historical and elegant setting that inspired us. If you didn't get the chance to visit this year, we highly recommend adding this event to your list for next year!

Mural painting
9/12 - Mural painting in the Anderson House

Ceiling painting and chandelier of the Anderson house
10/12 - Stunning decoration

visitors in a room of the Anderson House
11/12 - The beauties above our heads.

Chandelier in a mirror
12/12 - Chandelier



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