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We are united under one name, above all because we are both passionate about the "fine art" style, fancy and elegant, and about silver photography. We decided to photograph and retouch our pictures together, with the same style.




While in Paris, Milan, or New York for business, when the airplane door opens, I challenge you to keep up with Yoan. He already has a million photos in his mind, and regardless of whether things go as planned or not, he adapts and envisions a million photos anew. He's a kind of cerebral Pinterest! An artist, a creative soul, he immerses himself in projects over and over again to be free to imagine when the time comes. With his editorial style, he is the artistic director of Cliché.

He has drawn inspiration from fashion since a young age, particularly from DIOR, Chanel, and Chloé advertisements that he must have seen an countless number of times. Similarly, his romantic inspirations are influenced by works like "Pride and Prejudice," "The Bridges of Madison County," "Legends of the Fall," "Vicky Cristina Barcelona," or "Last Night."

In my presence, I forbid you from getting him started on these topics or on Keira Knightley, Woody Allen, or Sofia Coppola! He is far too passionate.

“Monsieur” doesn't drink whiskey or beer; he prefers champagne (yes, just like me). You won't spot him in Paris without his scarf around his neck, and his favorite city in the U.S. is Washington because “it's chic




Like any true Parisian, Juliette no longer pauses in front of Haussmannian buildings, French gardens, or the illuminated Eiffel Tower. However, she loves photographing newlyweds in the "so Frenchy" moldings and gilding of luxury hotels that she finds in the United States.

As a keen female observer, rest assured that she will have noticed all your accessories before even looking through the camera lens. These are the kind of details she loves capturing to tell who you are.

Just as shooting your pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, Juliette enjoys photographing beauty and places great importance on profiles, pose, and the light that highlights you the most.

Madame loves Rosé, red wine, and Champagne. She also adores cats, dogs, ferrets, squirrels (ask her to pronounce this word in English if you want a laugh), birds, deer—well, no need to ask her for a photo of your dog. If he's with you, it's already done!


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