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Emily & Travis joined together in a chic and elegant wedding set against a stunning backdrop. 

While, for us (newly settled in North Carolina) Durham was initially synonymous with "industrial," we were surprised to discover the wedding venue, "The Farm's Champion Estate." It's a place of incredible dimensions and undeniable charm. With its four different houses, outdoor tennis court, indoor playground (yes, you read that right!), pool, and a dedicated "bride" space, the estate is filled with rooms as spacious as they are bright. There's even an underground tunnel connecting the bride's preparation house to the groom's! 

The green spaces are also immense, allowing for a grand wedding ceremony, shaded by trees and beside a small lake. In short, we found ourselves back in the luxurious estates we left behind when we departed the "French Riviera". 

Emily, though never having posed for photos before, but with a keen eye for imagery, willingly embraced the editorial-style poses. 

From our first meeting for the engagement session, we noticed a certain talent in her for staging. We quickly realized that she had previously immersed herself in couple photos before making the poses her own. The engagement session is also a perfect opportunity to get to know each other and build trust before the big day. 

Despite the timeline to adhere to, the ticking hours, and the text messages regarding the day's logistics, Emily approached each photo moment with a confident gaze and an amused face, much to our delight. Everything had been thought out admirably well. The buildings with their imposing columns highlighted every scene of this unforgettable day. The "first look" in front of the main house's door, the ceremony by the water, the private dance between the columns, the reception between the tennis court and another building, and so on. 

There is no doubt that "The Farm's Champion Estate" must host a multitude of incredible wedding, and we hope to have the pleasure of returning. A heartfelt thank you to Emily and Travis for their kindness, trust, and congratulations to them for being the most fantastic models!

Wedding Venue: The Farm's Champion Estate, Durham NC // Makeup, Hair and cordinator: The Bardot // Dress: Debra's Bridal Shop // Flowers: The Skinny Vase // Cocktail: Bar Misschief


The Farm's Champion Estate, Durham NC.





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